On Saturday Night, July 18th, OCW returns to The Mogadore Summerfest at The Lions Park in Mogadore, OH. Make your plans now and spend the evening with your favorite OCW Superstars!

There is no charge to get into the Mogadore Summerfest and the OCW event is FREE for the public as well. There is a fee however for rides, games, and food (and there is plenty of great food to try).

We hope to see you on July 18th for a fun time to be had by all!

We at OCW would like to wish all of you a happy and safe Memorial Day.

Please take a moment and think about those brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice - who lost their lives fighting for the liberty and freedom that we ALL have in this great country of ours.

God Bless the USA!

On Friday night, May 15th Jimmy Shane continued his "WINNING" ways as he adds the title of DBI Champion to his resume. Jimmy had previously won the OCW Ohio Heritage Championship at Tradition 12 from Takahashi, thus making Jimmy Shane a top contender for OCW Superstar of the year... and if you ask the man himself, he'd tell you "There's No Shame In That!"

It's a fact that drug addiction is becoming a very disturbing trend in many cities and neighborhoods around this country... sadly that includes our beautiful state of Ohio. This epidemic isn't confined to the city limits and it doesn't care about your financial status.

On Friday, May 15, 2015 OCW is doing it's part to raise awareness of the rising risk of drug addiction in our state and in the NE Ohio area specifically. We will be partnering up with the family of Dustin Batdorff, Q92 (92.3FM out of Canton), and many other great sponsors to raise money for S.O.L.A.C.E of Stark County. An organization that has been desperately trying to spread the world about drug addiction as well as the impact it has on our families and communities.

Come on out to the DBI4 and see all of your favorite OCW Superstars (and even some great wrestlers who are not in OCW yet). There will also be an all you can eat spaghetti dinner before the event as well as various raffles and drawings throughout the event. 100% of the money raised will go directly to S.O.L.A.C.E. of Stark County to continue it's fight to raise awareness!

Then you are invited to Quaker Steak and Lube for the official DBI4 afterparty. Some come enjoy some great food with all of your favorite wrestlers!

Please make plans to attend this event today. For more information you can call 330-323-7605 or check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DustinBatdorffInvitational. To purchase tickets you can go to squareup.com/market/SOLACEofStark and of course tickets will be available at the door - pending a sellout.

This is the shot from the DBI last year - not too many empty seats to be seen. So if you are planning on attending this event, get your tickets and arrive early.

Here we are with the newest installment of OCW Spotlight as we take a look at Juice Jennings! Since 2011, Juice Jennings has been a very exciting member of the OCW roster. Right off the bat, Juice began to mix it up with top names in OCW such as Jeremy Madrox, Kaden Assad, Jock Samson, among many others! But when Juice Jennings formed an alliance and tag team with Joey Vengeance, we watched as the two of them became the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in OCW history. But at "Tradition 12" we all were beyond shocked when Juice cost Joey Vengeance the OCW Heavyweight Championship by assaulting his long time friend with a steel chair! What will this path hold in store for Jennings? We reached out to the man now referring to himself as "Agent Orange" to ask him a few questions.

What has been your favorite match in OCW so far?
JJ: It's impossible to narrow it down to an individual match. One would definitely be OCW: War Games 2011 when I teamed with Jeff Cannon and Joey Vengeance. It was after that match that Joey and I decided to form a tag team. Another would be our first OCW Tag Team Title victory at "Luck of the Draw" 2012. Pretty much any of our tag matches against the Heat Seekers were pretty amazing as well. I've had a few singles outings that stood out, but I've pretty much made the tag scene my focus these last few years in OCW. It's too bad my partner couldn't do the same.

If you could pick one match against anyone on the OCW roster past or present what would it be?
JJ: Probably myself and Joey Vengeance vs The Hi-Def Supernovas - Robby Starr and Matt Mason. We came in right after The Novas broke up, so I can only imagine what that match could have been like.

At "Tradition 12" you shocked us all by betraying your long time tag team partner and friend, Joey Vengeance. Can you give us a little insight into what cause you to do this?
JJ: I find it funny that you chose to word your question like that. I didn't betray anyone. I wasn't the one who turned my back on my partner. I wasn't the one who put my singles career ahead of regaining our Tag Team Titles. There was so much more that I wanted to accomplish in the tag division in OCW and throughout the independent scene, but that option was taken off the table by my selfish teammate. I was the heart and soul of that team. I was the workhorse who put forth all of the effort while Joey Vengeance took all of the attention and all of the glory. Joey turned his back on me and what I did at the end of "Tradition 12" was nothing more than a response to that.

What is next for Juice Jennings?
JJ: For the first time in a long time, I feel completely free to reach my true potential. Nobody is holding me back any longer and it's time for me to not only reach my goals, but surpass them.

Is there anything you would like to say to the OCW fans?
JJ: The fans have bought into Joey's sob story and have ran to his defense while labeling me a traitor. I realize now, that I'm all on my own because by supporting Joey Vengeance, the OCW fans have all stabbed me in the back. They can believe what they want to believe. They can hate me if they want to hate me. I don't need to be liked to get to the top and that's exactly where I'm going.

OCW Tradition 12


Tradition 12 is in the books and what a night it was! A capacity crowd witnessed the debut of The Franchise Shane Douglas! We have a NEW Ohio Heritage Champion in "No Shame" Jimmy Shane! And Juice Jennings turned his back on his long time friend and partner Joey Vengeance, costing Joey a possible OCW Championship!  All of this and much, much more occurred this past Saturday Night! Stay tuned for an in depth look of the happenings and fallout from Tradition 12!

This Saturday Night at Tradition 12 we will be debuting NEW merchandise for all of the OCW fans! You will have 2 new shirts with a full color collage of your favorite OCW Wrestlers on it for only $20 or you can get both for $35!

Plus we will be having OCW embroidered logo beanies for sale for only $10!

We will see you all in Coshocton this Saturday Night... Be There, Be Loud, and Represent OCW!!!

This just in from OCW Management... We have sold completely out of VIP tickets for Tradition 12 on March 21st. Don't be left out, the time is now to get your General Admission tickets at a lower price.

General Admission tickets are only $10 each or you can get a 4-Pack for $35. You can purchase your tickets online at the OCW Store or locally at Crowtown Pizza, Coshocton Restore, and The Buckeye Beverage Barn (W. Lafayette).

Here we are with the newest installment of OCW Spotlight as we take a look at Bruce Grey! Having spent a substantial amount of time as a professional wrestling referee, Bruce shocked us all when he took off the zebra stripes and put on wrestling boots. First aligning himself with Kaden Assad and Jeremy Madrox as part of Heat Seekers Inc., now “True Grit” seems to be on his own as he fights his way through the ranks. What will this path hold in store for Grey? We reached out to the former OCW Official turned OCW Wrestler to ask him a few questions. 

What has been your favorite match in OCW so far? 
BG: I'll tell you my least favorite, Jeremy Madrox's last match! Jeremy Madrox is a friend of mine! Honestly, I've enjoyed every win I've gotten thus far in OCW but I hold a special place in my heart when I sneak attacked Takahashi in Zanesville. So many years, and finally the US has payback for Pearl Harbor! USA! USA! USA! 

You infamously transitioned from OCW Referee to OCW Wrestler, first as the masked Jack The Seeker #2 and then revealing who you truly were behind the mask. What inspired you to make the changed from official to active competitor? 
BG: Honestly, I was perfectly happy collecting a double payday with reffing and wrestling as JtS2 as long as I could. If it weren't for the meddling Juice and Joey, I would have gotten away with it too! 

If you could pick one match against anyone on the OCW roster past or present what would it be? 
BG: Easy. Matt Mason.

What is next for “True Grit”? 
BG: Dishing out DDTs. Lots of them. 

Is there anything you would like to say to the OCW fans? 
BG: Buy my merchandise!