#1 Contender Tag Team Match 

Saturday Night Slam Masters vs Papa Dingo & Johnny Attitude.

Jennings & Vengeance have been a top team in the Midwest wrestling scene for nearly 3 years. They are the longest reigning OCW Tag Champions in company history with a record setting 22 month reign! On September 13th they look to take the next step toward regaining the OCW tag titles that they lost to The Heat Seekers in January. In order to do that they must defeat the dangerous duo of Papa Dingo & Johnny Attitude. These men are undefeated in tag team action in OCW and look to make a statement by defeating their highly decorated opponents. Juice & Joey have the experience advantage but Dingo & Attitude have size on their side as well as their manager, Jason Dragon, in their corner. Who will emerge as the new #1 contenders and face the champions at our next live event in October?

Match #3 in their Best of 3 Series and Ohio Heritage Championship #1 Contender Match

"Rockshow" Ernie Ballz vs "No Shame" Jimmy Shane

On September 13th we will see the epic conclusion to a series of matches that began earlier this year. Ballz struck the first blow with a win in match #1 in May. Shane shot back with a devious victory in match #2 at "Summerfest Showdown 5" in July. We now look forward to the rubber match between these great competitors. Just in case the prestige of winning the series wasn't enough, OCW officials have announced that the series winner will be named the #1 Contender to the OHC and receive a title match in October. 

OCW Tag Team Championship Match 

The Heat Seekers vs "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon & "Genuine" Jock Samson.

At "Risky Business" we will see a championship rematch from our "Starrstruck" event in May when the unlikely team of Cannon & Samson face one of the most dominant teams in OCW history, Jeremy Madrox & Kaden Assad aka The Heat Seekers. The Seekers have looked unbeatable since reclaiming the OCW tag titles from the Slam Masters in January. Will this be just another title defense for The Butcher & The Bagdad Bopper or will we see an upset and brand new tag team champions? 

Ohio Heritage Championship Match

Takahashi vs "Bombastic" Bruce Grey

Can you believe it has already been a year since Takahashi shocked all of OCW by winning the first ever Ascension Match last September? In that time Taka went on to have a classic pair of matches with Jeff Cannon for the OCW Championship and then followed that up with the biggest win of his career by ending the year long OHC reign of "Darkstar" Matt Taylor. Bruce Grey has had an eventful year as well. He was revealed to be the 3rd member of Heat Seekers Inc. when he was unmasked as Jack the Seeker #2 in January and then officially began his OCW in-ring career as "Bombastic Bruce" the following month. Grey has proven himself to be a very dangerous opponent. Bruce's friends, The Heat Seekers, could also come into play. Taka may need eyes in the back of his head if he wants to leave Zanesville with the OHC. Whoever comes out on top will face the winner of the 3 match series between Ernie Ballz and Jimmy Shane in October.

OCW Heavyweight Championship

Robby "Super" Starr vs Sherman Tank

Last April OCW fans watched in horror as Starr unseated Jeff Cannon to capture his 2nd OCW title. Starr has managed to retain his title by any means necessary but his luck could very well run out when he faces another former champion and his biggest test to date, Sherman Tank. These men know each other extremely well and have had numerous encounters in OCW and throughout the independent circuit. Which of these men will leave as the main man in OCW? One thing is for sure, wherever Robby Starr goes, Jimmy Shane is sure to follow. Tank will have to be on the lookout for interference from "The Shameless One" as Shane has helped Starr retain his title in the past. Can Starr weasel his way to another title defense or will he "Get Tank'd" in Zanesville?

OCW will storm back into the Zanesville Civic League Community Center on Saturday Night, September 13, 2014 for another exciting night of wrestling action.

In our Main Event you will see "The King of OCW" Robby Starr defend his OCW Championship against the returning Sherman Tank. The current OCW Tag Team Champions The Heat Seekers take on the new team of "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon and "Genuine" Jock Samson. Speaking of OCW Tag Team Titles, The Saturday Night Slam Masters (Joey Vengeance and Juice Jennings) will square off against Papa Dingo and Johnny Attitude in a #1 Contenders match. His recent winning streak will reward "Bombastic" Bruce Grey with an OCW Ohio Heritage Championship match as he goes 1 on 1 with current champion, Takahashi. in the Best of 3 Series, "The Rockshow" Ernie Ballz is not only looking to bring some shame to "No Shame" Jimmy Shane, but to become #1 Contender to the Ohio Heritage Championship.

All of this plus "Darkstar" Matt Taylor and local fan favorite Levi Connors! Tickets can be purchased online on this very web site or you can pick them up locally at Edie's Deli (Colony Square Mall) and at the Civic League Community Center.  

On Saturday July 19th, 2014 Ohio Championship Wrestling returned to Mogadore, Ohio for their 5th annual "SUMMERFEST SHOWDOWN" event. Here is what went down…….

-Justin Diaz def. Endriago

-Takahashi def. "Darkstar" Matt Taylor to retain the Ohio Heritage

-"No Shame" Jimmy Shane def. "Rockshow" Ernie
Ballz in match #2 of their best of 3 series. The series is currently tied

-Heatseekers Inc. (Jeremy "The Butcher" Madrox & "Bombastic" Bruce
Grey) def. Joey Vengeance & Juice Jennings

-"Big Guns" Jeff Cannon def. Johnny Attitude in a no DQ street fight.

-The OCW championship match featuring Robby Starr (c) vs Jock Samson was ruled a no contest when Heatseekers Inc.
interfered. Jennings & Vengeance came out to even the odds and made the
challenge for a 6 man tag team contest.

-Jock Samson, Juice Jennings, and Joey Vengeance def. Robby Starr, Jeremy Madrox, and Bruce
Grey via submission in an impromptu 6 man tag team main
Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting edition of the OCW "Top 10" where we examine the fallout from our last live event and rank the competitors based on the impact that they made on the landscape of OCW. In this installment we reflect on the events of our annual summer tradition, "Summerfest Showdown," live from the Mogadore summer festival in Mogadore, OH. This was our 5th summer in Mogadore and we had a very large and excited crowd who were hungry for the
kind of action that only OCW can provide. At times it seemed uncertain if Mother Nature was going to spoil the action but the rain held off and we delivered an action packed event. Here we go with the Summerfest Showdown edition of the OCW
top 10...

Honorable mention: Endriago
In Mogadore we saw the
debut of a mysterious masked man who faced the returning Justin Diaz. His high flying arsenal was impressive but not enough as he fell to the returning veteran.

10.) "Rockshow" Ernie Ballz
Ernie Ballz walked in to Mogadore with a 1-0 lead in his best of 3 series with Jimmy Shane as he looked to finish the job. However, things didn't go as planned as he suffered a vicious kick bellow the belt that allowed Shane to tie the series 1-1.

9.) "Darkstar" Matt Taylor
Taylor faced the man who ended his reign as Ohio Heritage Champion back in April as he got his rematch against Takahashi. Taylor looked to prove that Taka's previous win was a fluke but Taylor came out on the losing end once more.

8.) Johnny Attitude
In the time between live events a conflict had been brewing between Johnny Attitude and Jeff Cannon. They decided to settle their differences in Mogadore in a no DQ street fight. This match got wild as ladders, trash cans, chairs, and steel
cables all came into play. Johnny would lose the match but proved himself to be an extremely tough and dangerous opponent.

7.) Justin Diaz
The experienced veteran made his in-ring return after a lengthy absence from injury. He scored a huge win over Endriago to kick start this new phase of his career.

6.) Jock Samson, Joey Vengeance, and Juice Jennings
These 3 competitors all had championship aspirations but were met with adversity and underhanded tactics. Juice & Joey were able to convince the team of Jeremy Madrox & Bruce Grey, aka Heatseekers Inc, to put the OCW tag titles on the line under "Freebird Rules" with Grey sitting in for Kaden Assad. However, Bruce showed his cunning by using a foreign object behind the referee's back to secure the win and retain the titles for the Seekers. Samson had a shot at Robby Starr and the OCW championship but the match didn't get far as Madrox & Grey interfered and attacked Jock. Juice & Joey stormed the ring to even the odds where a 6 man tag team challenge was issued. In the end Jock, Juice, and Joey got their revenge by scoring the submission victory.

5.) Heatseekers Inc.
Madrox & Grey had no intentions of being involved in a tag team title match in Mogadore but were coerced into one by Juice & Joey. They were able to hold on to the titles through nefarious methods but Jennings & Vengeance have their sights set on the duo of Madrox and Assad. These teams have clashed in the past and another meeting seems imminent.

4.) Takahashi
Taka continued on his winning ways as he won the rematch with Matt Taylor to retain the OHC. His title reign really seems to be picking up steam.

3.) Robby Starr
Starr clashed with Jock Samson in an OCW title match that was declared a no contest with the interference of Madrox & Grey and then Jennings & Vengeance. Though Starr's team lost the 6 man tag team match he remains at the top of OCW as the reigning heavyweight champion.

2.) "No Shame" Jimmy Shane
Jimmy found himself backed into a corner as he was in a must - win situation in his best of 3 series with Ernie Ballz. Shane had mentioned that he was at his most dangerous when he was desperate and he proved exactly that by scoring the win to tie the series at 1-1 and forcing the sudden death final match at the next OCW event in Zanesville.

1.) "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon
The Mogadore crowd witnessed a battle as Cannon and Attitude engaged in an extremely violent street fight. Cannon survived a horrifying spill onto a ladder that mangled the object into a twisted mess. He also thwarted an attack from Attitude's  manager, Jason Dragon. After power bombing Dragon, Jeff was able to hit Johnny with the heavy artillery slam onto a trash can for the win.

That concludes this edition of the OCW Top 10. Don't miss our next event scheduled for September 13th in Zanesville, OH.
On Saturday May 17, 2014 Ohio Championship Wrestling returned to action in Newark, Ohio at The National Guard Armory as they presented Starrstruck. If you weren’t there, here is what went down…….

-”Big Guns” Jeff Cannon opened the show with a promo that was interrupted by The Heat Seekers. After a challenge was
issued & an attack by the Heat Seekers, “Genuine” Jock Samson came to the ring to help Cannon, setting up Samson & Cannon versus the Heat Seekers!

-“The Marquee” Mikey D defeated Louie Perez.

-Hisaka Takahashi defeated Jonny Attitude to retain his OCW Ohio Heritage title.

-The Heat Seekers beat “Big Guns” Jeff Cannon & “Genuine” Jock Samson to retain their OCW Tag Team titles.

-“The Rockshow” Ernie Ballz defeated “No Shame” Jimmy Shane in Match #1 of their Best of 3 Series.

-Papa Dingo crushed James Avery.

-Juice Jennings was victorious over “Bombastic” Bruce Grey.

-Robby “Super” Starr defeated “Dark Star” Matt Taylor to hold onto the OCW Heavyweight title.
Last month at “Trad1t1on” Robby Starr shocked the OCW fans by dethroning Jeff Cannon for the OCW Heavyweight Championship. Starr has finally achieved his goal and sits atop of the OCW roster, proclaiming himself “the King of OCW.” Now we look forward to his first title defense at the event bearing his name, “Starrstruck.” Who will step up to challenge our new champion? Will Robby continue his reign, or will “the King of OCW” have his crown taken away and become one of the shortest reigning champions in OCW’s history? Join us in Newark, OH for “Starrstruck” this Saturday to find out.
Both of these men are looking to break out into bigger things in OCW. These two hungry competitors are set to clash in a first-ever for OCW Best of 3 Series starting with Match #1 in Newark, OH at “Starrstruck.” Jimmy Shane gone on record mentioning that Ernie Ballz sat him down and told him that he saw a lot of himself within Shane and that he felt he has a bright future in this industry. When asked to respond to this, Ernie said that “Jimmy Shane has all the potential in the world, but is held back by being Robby Starr’s lackey. He needs to learn to be his own man and stand on his own two feet; I want to be the one to knock that sense into Jimmy Shane.” Who will jump out to an early lead by getting the first victory at “Starrstruck?”
These men have been on a collision course for the last few months. Bruce Grey was the referee who awarded The Heatseekers the victory for the OCW Tag Team Championships in a match against the Saturday Night Slam Masters at “Sub-Zero.” Bruce was later revealed to be the man behind the mask of Jack the Seeker #2 by the Slam Masters later that night. Juice Jennings and Joey Vengeance would then kidnap Bruce at “Politically Incorrect” to ensure his interference for the evening would come to an end. Now we look forward to seeing 1/2 of the Slam Masters, Juice Jennings, step into the ring with “Bombastic” Bruce Grey at “Starrstruck” to hopefully put an end to this ongoing pain in the Slam Masters side.
OCW Tag Team Champions, The Heatseekers - Jeremy Madrox and Kaden Assad, look to continue their dominance of the tag team division. Many classify The Heatseekers as one of the top tag teams to ever grace an OCW ring over the years. Is there any team out there currently that can stop The Heatseekers? Who will step forward to challenge them in Newark, OH at “Starrstruck?”
The first ever Ascension winner's quest for OCW gold seemed to be at an end after Takahashi failed to capture the OCW title from Jeff Cannon on two separate occasions. However, the OCW match makers must have been impressed with "The Sendai Shooter" because they awarded Takahashi a match with "Darkstar" Matt Taylor for the Ohio Heritage Championship at Trad1t1on. Takahashi pulled off an amazing upset to end the year-long reign of Matt Taylor. Takahashi’s first Ohio Heritage Championship challenger will be Johnny Attitude at “Starrstuck.” Attitude has been on somewhat of a roll as of late since aligning himself with Jason Dragon and Papa Dingo. Will this roll continue and give us a new Ohio Heritage Champion, or will Takahashi’s momentum carry him to a victory in his first title defense? The only way to find out is to be at “Starrstruck” this Saturday in Newark, OH.

Two other matches announced late last night are…

Papa Dingo VS James Avery

“Marquee” Mikey D VS Louie Perez

All this, plus Jock Samson, “Big Guns” Jeff Cannon, “Darkstar” Matt Taylor, and many more!

Ohio Championship Wrestling returns to Newark, OH on Saturday, May 17th 2014 for their "Starrstruck" event. OCW superstars scheduled for the event include newly-crowned OCW Heavyweight Champion - Robby "Super" Starr, newly-crowned OCW Ohio Heritage Champion - Takahashi, OCW Tag Team Champions - The Heatseekers, "No Shame" Jimmy Shane, "The Rockshow" Ernie Ballz, Juice Jennings, Bruce Grey, Johnny Attitude, Papa Dingo, James Avery, and many more.

Tickets are available at Video Trader, Puff N' Stuff, Coshocton Restore, and at our online store section of ocwrestling.net. Doors open at 7pm with a 7:30pm bell time.
OCW Fans, I hope you are all as excited as we are for the NEW ocwrestling.net! This is more than just a new website and new logo though, this is the beginning of a new era for Ohio Championship Wrestling! For more than a decade, OCW has been bringing you top quality sports entertainment and we plan to continue to do so but now at a higher level! For far too long we have been the best kept secret in the Mid-West, it is time to finally let the world know we here at Ohio Championship Wrestling are a guaranteed ticket to intense in-ring action, top notch performers, high quality production, and the most important thing you get when you purchase a ticket to an OCW event is you become part of one of the most electrifying crowds in great state of Ohio! With the launch of our new and improved website we hope to keep everyone up to date on all the happenings here at all times, exclusive video content, and of course regularly updated features like the rone you are about to read. So without further ado, allow me to bring to you the first edition of the revamped...Winfield's Wonderings!

Who will lead OCW into the new era? By James Winfield

On June 1st, 2013, OCW held a very special event. Long time OCW competitor, “The Hot Commodity” Matt Mason unfortunately had been forced to retire due to a severe knee injury. It was a bitter sweet night as the OCW roster put on one hell of a show as a proper way to say “thank you” to one of the most talented and well respected wrestlers not just in OCW but in the entire state of Ohio. This night brought a whole spectrum of emotions from everywhere from nostalgic happiness of looking back at the great career of Matt Mason, to heartbreak and sadness that a veteran who had been a huge part of so many of the other wrestlers careers was having to hang up to boots, to respect for all that the HC had done in his time in OCW. But there was another sense of emotion among certain wrestlers in the locker room. Among particular younger members of the OCW roster you saw hunger. OCW currently has a wealth of hungry, young talent that now realize that it could be their time to up their game and try to break through into the upper tier of the OCW roster. Matt had taken many of the young talent under his wing with every intention that when he was finally going to leave the squared circle once and for all he would pass the torch down to the younger generation. And as he gave his fairwell speech with the entire roster watching at ringside you could see the hunger in the eyes of certain talent. Matt Mason had set the torch down and they were going to do anything to make sure they were the ones to pick up this torch and run with it till they were ready to pass it on themselves. But it is going to take more than that drive to be the top guy and a few lessons from The HC to truly be the guy to deserve that torch. As we move into this new era for Ohio Championship Wrestling we need someone who can truly be considered a leader among men.

One night captured the essence of just how determined this next generation is to chase after and grab the proverbial brass ring. And on this night, it was actually a literal brass ring! On September 14th, 2013, OCW held “Fast Times at Hopewell School” and unveiled the very first Ascension Match! It was a new concept where the entire roster began on the floor of the building and had to fight to climb over the top rope and into the ring with the first four men to do so moving onto a ladder match later that evening with the winner receiving a guaranteed OCW Heavyweight Title shot. The four men to advance to the ladder match portion were the masked sensation Takahashi, one half of the OCW tag team champions at the time Joey Vengeance, the arrogant young “No Shame” Jimmy Shane, and the man who held the Ohio Heritage Championship at the time “Darkstar” Matt Taylor (who had actually stolen Juice Jennings spot by tossing the other half of the then tag team champions out of the ring when the referee was distracted). These four men gave it their all but it was Takahashi who came out on top on this night by grabbing the brass ring and getting himself a guaranteed OCW title shot against “Big Guns” Jeff Cannon.

Takahashi shocked everyone by winning the ladder match being the definite underdog in the equation. The mysterious masked man had been proving himself consistently to be a skilled high flyer ever since debuting in the company back in the summer of 2011. He may have started under the tutelage and guidance of Jason Dragon but it wasn't long before Takahashi proved he could stand up for himself and broke out onto his own and began to really rally the crowd behind him. By winning Ascension, Takahashi proved just how badly he wanted an opportunity to challenge for the biggest prize in our company. In his first attempt to try and seize the title from “Big Guns” his opportunity was pulled away from him as Robby Starr and Jimmy Shane interferred and ruined his big moment. Jeff Cannon, being the man of honor that he is, allowed Takahashi a second title shot on our next event and while Takahashi gave it a hell of a fight it wasn't meant to be as Cannon put him away with Heavy Artillery. But Takahashi proved that he could hang with the best OCW has to offer and nearly won the OCW title on several occasions in both matches. These strong performances earned him an Ohio Heritage Title shot and at TRAD1T1ON he captured his first championship in OCW! Perhaps it will be Takahashi to continue to ride this wave of momentum into the coming months and be the one to be OCW's new top dog.

But if Takahashi had just taken a second longer to recover from a huge fall during the ladder match, he wouldn't have been there in time to dropkick “No Shame” Jimmy Shane off of the ladder and we would have had a very different Ascension winner. The brash and cocky competitor still to this day thinks he should have been the one to win the match and calls Takahashi's victory nothing more than a fluke. Ever since bursting onto the scene in early 2012 he has been mixing it up with the top stars in OCW. He fought alongside his mentor, Robby Starr, in a year long war against “Hot Commodity” Matt Mason and even picked up a number of victories over not only former OCW Champion Mason but other former champions Sherman Tank and the now current champ, Cannon. It has been apparent that Starr didn't just choose Shane based on him being the biggest fan of the “Super Starr” but that he has all the tools to be considered a top threat in any match. If the loud mouth “winner” truly put forth effort into his athletic ability and focused less on bending the rules and cutting corner to get what he wants, he could potentially be a champion in OCW.

Speaking of champions in OCW, former tag team champion and Ohio Heritage Champion “Darkstar” Matt Taylor may have not won Ascension but he, in my opinion,put on the very best performance out of all four men. And that is quite a grand feat when you consider he had also defended his Heritage Championship earlier in the night against Juice Jennings in a very hard fought, technical show down. Matt Taylor has long been considered one of the most exciting in ring competitors OCW has to offer and ever since breaking out on his own after ending The Noble Bloods tag team he has been considered by many to be one of the very best wrestlers to step foot between the ropes. Taylor has the wrestling skills to go toe to toe, step by step, hold for hold with anyone on the entire roster. He has been one of the most dominate Ohio Heritage Champions in the titles history by taking on all challengers and beating them in a wide variety of ways. Perhaps he could follow in footsteps of the first Ohio Heritage Champion Kaden Assad and go from holding the OHC, OCW Tag Team titles, and eventually capture the OCW Heavyweight Championship. Could the former Noble Blood become a Triple Crown Champion? Only time will tell.

Another possible future Triple Crown Champion seemed to go toe to toe with Matt Taylor at every turn during the Ascension match in Joey Vengeance. Since day one of bursting onto the scene in OCW, Vengeance has been under Matt Mason's wing and learning plenty of valuable lessons from the now retired competitor. We have literally watched Joey grow up in the ring, debuting at the young age of 18 and fighting hard to prove himself ever since. For more than five years now, Joey Vengeance has had the crowd support and all the physical tools to break out and be a star. Not only is he considered a high flyer and technical expert, but when he defeated Jock Samson to obtain the Ohio Heritage Championship several years ago we saw that Joey could also brawl with some of the toughest this company has to offer. It has to be considered only a matter of time until Joey Vengeance captures the biggest prize in OCW, the Heavyweight Championship. He may have not gotten his opportunity following the Ascension match but the fan favorite will surely find a way sooner or later. Still only 23 years old, Joey is already starting to become one of the more tenured members of the locker room and it is assumed we still haven't seen the best yet.

But for the past couple of years he hasn't been alone in the ring. Fighting by his side as OCW Tag Team Champions for nearly two years is Juice Jennings. A well accomplished mat wrestler, the graduate of the Big Guns Pro Wrestling Academy has possesed the technical prowess to compete against anyone who he looks across the ring at. Debuting in January 2011, immeadietly he began to mix it up with the likes of Jeremy “The Butcher” Madrox, Kaden Assad, and Jock Samson. Although he was still new to the ring, he held his own and put on great matches with the top talent and won a grueling War Games Steel Cage match alongside Joey Vengeance and Jeff Cannon by forcing former OCW star “Simply the Best” Ryan Edmunds to submit to one of Juice's signature submission holds “The Canton Crab”. Teaming up with Joey Vengeance only furthered his career more as the duo obtained the OCW Tag Team Championships on March 17th, 2012 and held onto them all the way until January 11th, 2014...almost twenty two months later! While Juice was a singles comptetitor during his singles career, we haven't seen him much on his own. Perhaps when he and Joey Vengeance decide to quit teaming, it will be Juice Jennings chance to shine even brighter on his own.

The previous five men I mentioned are top candidates to perhaps grab the torch, but that is not to rule out any of the other young up and comers on the OCW roster. Former Ohio Heritage Champion “Marquee” Mikey D has the charisma and natural athletic ability to do anything that any of the previous mentioned men can and will do. Unfortunately a health scare has kept Mikey D out of top action, but since returning to the ring recently I am sure it is only a matter of time before “Marquee” is chasing after OCW gold once again. Another member of the OCW roster who I believe could play an important role in OCW's future is Jason Dragon, but in a role we have seen him adopt recently as a manger. Since aligning himself with Johnny Attitude and newcomer Papa Dingo, Jason Dragon proved that while he may be undersized in the ring compared to most competitors, he has the potential to scheme and plot wicked plans to use others to obtain his goals. And honorable mention has to go to newcomers Johnny Bonsai, Louie Perez, and “The Pinnacle” Levi Connors who all show talent that could help them break out in this company but are still too fresh and new to judge their honest potential.
The amount of potential in the OCW locker room is seemingly endless at this point. As we enter this new era, it is going to be up to the next generation of ring warriors to take their game to a whole new level. OCW has been around for eleven years and on April 12th we will celebrate this milestone as OCW presents “TRAD1T1ON” at the Hopewell School in Coshocton. Could we see one of these young, hungry competitors prove which one of them deserves to lead us into the new era? Only way to find out is to be there in attendance and see for yourself! For the past decade OCW has only gotten better and better, it us up to the new stars of OCW to bring the best out of them to take OCW to new heights for the next decade. Which wrestler will be the one to do it?

Thank you for joining me for the first addition of the NEW and improved Winfield's Wonderings!
Welcome back to another exciting edition of the OCW Top 10 where we examine the events of the last OCW live event and rank the individual(s) who rocked the foundation of OCW. Let me remind you that this list is not based on skill levels but on the impact that the individual(s) made on the OCW landscape at the most recent event. With that being said, lets get going with the OCW Top 10 for the Ohio Championship Wrestling 11 year anniversary show appropriately entitled "Trad1t1on" which was held at Hopewell School in Coshocton, OH.

Honorable mention #1 Mike Hercum - Hercum made his OCW debut and put in a great showing in a losing effort against "Bombastic" Bruce Grey. We look forward to seeing more of Mike Hercum in the future.

Honorable Mention #2 Marion Fontaine - Fontaine is a familiar face around the Ohio independent wrestling scene but had yet to wrestle for OCW until this night. Fontaine put forth an amazing effort against the veteran, Dusty Dillinger. He came out on the losing end on this night but the contest was regarded as one of the most exciting and competitive matches of the evening. We hope to see Fontaine return in the near future.

Honorable Mention #3 Sherman Tank, Ernie Ballz, "Marquee" Mikey D. - The ongoing issue between Sherman Tank and Johnny Attitude continued at "Trad1t1on" as each man assembled a team for a 3 on 3 tag match. Tank recruited Ernie Ballz and Mikey D, both whom have had problems with Attitude and his manager, Jason Dragon, in the past months. Team Tank seemed to be on the verge of victory until Team Attitude pulled off a deceptive trick that would lead to the referee disqualifying Tank and his teammates. The conflict between Tank and Attitude is definitely far from over.

10. Saturday Night Slam Masters (Juice Jennings & Joey Vengeance) After losing the OCW tag titles to the Heat Seekers in January the Slam Masters each defeated the Seekers in single contests in February which set up the highly anticipated rematch for the tag titles. Each time these teams face off against each other we see something special and this encounter was no different. Juice & Joey went after the champions with everything they had until a situation with Bruce Grey and multiple referees ensued (more on that later) which allowed the Seekers to incapacitate Juice and zero in on Vengeance with a devastating double team maneuver to score the pinfall victory and retain their titles. At this time we are not sure if or when Juice & Joey will receive another title opportunity. Only time will tell.

BREAKING NEWS: It has been announced that on May 17th at "Starrstruck" we will see Juice Jennings go 1 on 1 with the 3rd member of "Heat Seekers Inc." , "Bombastic" Bruce Grey. 

9.  Johnny Attitude, Papa Dingo, "No Shame" Jimmy Shane When Johnny Attitude was given the task to assemble a team for a 6 man tag match against Team Tank an obvious choice was his partner from last month, and the newest client of Jason Dragon, Papa Dingo. The third member was somewhat of a surprise when he was revealed to be "No Shame" Jimmy Shane. Shane lived up to his nickname as he proved that he was willing to do any dirty deed if the price was right. They achieved victory in their contest by framing Tank by planting an illegal object on the big man causing the referee to award Team Attitude the victory via DQ.

BREAKING NEWS: OCW officials  have announce that "No Shame" Jimmy Shane will face off against "Rockshow" Ernie Ballz at "Starrstruck" on May 17th.

8."Bombastic" Bruce Grey  Since revealing himself to be the man behind the mask of Jack the Seeker #2 and the third member of Heat Seekers Inc. Bruce Grey has had an eventful few months here in OCW. He helped the Heat Seekers capture the OCW tag titles and was rewarded for his deeds by being kidnapped and held hostage by the Slam Masters. Bruce was then released just in time to be defeated by OCW newcomer, Levi Connors. However, things are looking up for the "Big Honky" as he scored a huge win against the debuting Mike Hercum at "Trad1t1on." We will see if Bruce's good fortune can continue as he is set to face off against one of his kidnappers, Juice Jennings, at "Starrstruck" on May 17th.

7."Darkstar" Matt Taylor Since entering OCW Taylor has solidified himself as a dominant force in both the tag team and singles divisions. He is a former OCW tag champion as one half of the Noble Bloods and then went on to dethrone Mikey D. for the Ohio Heritage Championship last year. Taylor successfully defended the OHC for the rest of 2013 and looked nearly unbeatable when the title was on the line. However, Taylor's impressive reign as Ohio Heritage Champion came to an end at "Trad1t1on" as he was pinned by Takahashi in a highly competitive match. Though Taylor was visibly disappointed by the defeat he showed the class of a true champion by shaking Takahashi's hand after the match. Congratulations on a truly impressive OHC reign. The sky is the limit for the "Darkstar."

6. Dusty Dillinger Dusty was awarded a special token of appreciation for his commitment to OCW throughout the years as he was presented a plaque at the opening of the event. He then went on to have a fantastic match with Marion Fontaine that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Dusty scored the hard fought victory and then announced that he was retiring from active competition. The OCW locker room surrounded the ring to show their appreciation. This was a heartfelt moment that we all will remember for a very long time. From all of us here at OCW... Thank You Dusty!

5."Big Guns" Jeff Cannon Jeff Cannon captured the OCW title at last year's anniversary event, "10 years of Tradition" and served as a truly great representative of OCW but his time as champion came full circle as his reign ended at "Trad1t1on" at the hands of Robby Starr. Cannon had the experience advantage and even had "Hot Commodity" Matt Mason in his corner to watch his back but it wasn't enough as Cannon fell to his former student.

4.Heat Seekers (Jeremy "The Butcher" Madrox & Kaden Assad)  The Heat Seekers would emerge from "Trad1t1on" as the only champions (not counting the midget world title match, more on that later) to retain their titles as they won the rematch against the Slam Masters. The match was running at high energy when the referee was incapacitated which prompted Bruce Grey to come to the ring in full referee attire to make the 3 count for the Seekers. However, another referee, Adam Michaels, pulled Grey from the ring. The REAL OCW officials wouldn't tolerate Grey's shenanigans any longer. The altercation at ringside allowed the Seekers to isolate Joey Vengeance and hit a huge double team maneuver to score the win and retain the titles. The Seekers seem to finally be rid of the Slam Masters but the question on everyone's mind is "Who will challenge the Heat Seekers next?"

3. Beautiful Bobby and Little Kato The stars of Spike TV's "Half Pint Brawlers" came to OCW for a special attraction match in which the World Midget Wrestling Championship was on the line! Bobby and Kato pushed each other to the limit and entertained the crowd with hard hits, high flying, weapons, and humor. Not even he referee was sparred as these little warriors turned Hopewell School into a battleground! In the end it was Beautiful Bobby who would score the win and retain his title but we award both men this spot on the Top 10 for making "Trad1t1on" even more special.

2. Takahashi Takahashi journey to championship gold has been a long road with twists and turns. The Ascension winner would challenge Jeff Cannon on two occasions for the OCW title but each time the championship eluded him. After last month's title match at "Politically Incorrect" we all assumed that Taka's championship dreams were over. However, he was given new hope when OCW match makers granted him a shot at Matt Taylor's OHC. Taka pulled off an amazing upset and finally achieved his dream of holding OCW gold. Taka's journey to a championship has ended and now a new adventure lies before him.

BREAKING NEWS: Takahashi's first OHC title defense will be against Johnny Attitude at "Starrstruck" on May 17th.

1. Robby Starr Robby Starr and Jimmy Shane have been turning OCW upside down anytime a chance has presented itself. "The Winners" stormed the ring to attack Jeff Cannon and Takahashi in the OCW title match at January's "Sub-Zero" event which would lead to Cannon challenging Starr & Shane to a tag match with the incentive that if they could defeat Cannon & Takahashi then Starr would receive an OCW title match. The Winners cheated their way to a victory which set up this encounter at "Trad1t1on." As always. Starr had Jimmy Shane in his corner. This prompted Cannon to recruit Starr's arch nemesis, Matt Mason as the man in his corner. Shane attempted to interfere but was met with a "Hot Commodity" superkick for his efforts. To the horror of the OCW fans, Robby Starr was able to put Cannon down for the 3 count with his trademark full nelson slam finisher dubbed "Starrstruck" to capture the OCW title. We now look to May 17th for the next OCW live event named after the maneuver that clinched Robby Starr's championship. What does the future hold for the new champion and what will go down when OCW presents "Starrstruck" on May 17th from Newark, OH? Be there to find out!

This concludes the "Trad1d1on" installment of the OCW Top 10.  Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all in Newark for "Starrstruck."