We are just a few short days before OCW drives into Dover, OH for OCW ASCENSION!

Who is going to fight off the OCW locker room, climb into the ring, fight off 3 more individuals, and finally climb that ladder and grab the brass ring; which may lead them to becoming the NEXT OCW Heavyweight Champion?

Can the Redneck Wrecking Crew withstand the brute force of The Rising and what kind of role will Jason Dragon play in securing the OCW Tag Titles for his team?

As hard as Takahashi has worked at raising his game and obtaining the Ohio Heritage Championship, can he successfully defend his OHC Title against mat veteran Justin Diaz?

All of this, plus much, much more this Saturday Night in Dover, Ohio!

Make your last minute plans now to be at the National Guard Armory for what should be another amazing night of professional wrestling action as only OCW can deliver.

Just a reminder that after OCW invades Dover for ASCENSION, please feel free to join your favorite OCW wrestlers and crew at the New Philadelphia Hog Heaven (located at 1290 West High Avenue, New Philadelphia)!

For more information on Hog Heaven, including additional locations in Dover and Canton, go to: http://www.hogheaven-bbq.com/

We have received a number of messages concerning the actual Ascension match that will take place at ASCENSION presented by JD Byrider of Dover on January 24, 2015 in Dover, OH at the National Guard Armory.

The match starts with available members of the OCW roster around ringside. When the bell rings, the competitors start battling each other, while trying to get INTO the ring. When we have four guys in the ring, that part of the match is over and those four individuals qualify for the ladder match which takes place later in the night. The remaining individuals will be paired up in additional matches at that time (unless they are already in a signed contest).

In the final stage of Ascension, the four qualifiers must outlast each other and climb a ladder to obtain the "Brass Ring". The winner has the opportunity to challenge for the OCW Championship, currently held by Robby Starr.

Here is the highlight video of ASCENSION - 2013 for just a taste of what to expect!

Happy New Year!

We are excited to kick off 2015 with a brand new feature here on OCWrestling.net with the first edition of OCW: Superiority. We've collected data, crunched numbers, and entered all of our findings into the OCW super computer here at OCW  headquarters to compile a power ranking based on winning percentages and title history that lists the top 15 OCW competitors. 

Don't miss our upcoming event, ASCENSION, in Dover, OH on January 24th!

After the show be sure to check back for the next edition of OCW: Superiority to see how the results of ASCENSION have altered the rankings.

OCW brings the first show of 2015 to Dover, OH at the National Guard Armory for the second annual ASCENSION event, presented by J.D. BYRIDER of DOVER!

ASCENSION is open to every OCW Superstar available on the roster. Level 1 starts with a reverse battle royal where everyone is on the floor and the first 4 individuals who make it up and over the top rope qualify for Level 2. Level 2 is a 4-way ladder match. The man who grabs the brass ring is declared the winner of the match is awarded an OCW Title match.

The OCW Tag Team Championships will also be on the line as The Redneck Wrecking Crew (C) will face stiff competition in The Rising led by Jason Dragon.

Also The OCW Ohio Heritage Championship will be decided as Takahashi (C) squares off against ring veteran Justin Diaz. How will Diaz, a Dover native, fare against the young, Japanese champion.

Make your plans now to join us on January 24th at the National Guard Armory for an exciting night of pro wrestling action for the whole family and then join the OCW crew at Hog Heaven - Open Flame BBQ (located at 1290 West High Avenue, New Philadelphia, OH) for the Official OCW After Party! Pro Wrestling and BBQ? Who can beat that?

Presale Tickets can be purchased at our online store here at www.ocwrestling.net, or at our ticket outlets: J.D. Byrider of Dover, Kool Rags, Big Money Pawn Shop, and Fro's Drive Thru (Strasburg)!

From all of us at Ohio Championship Wrestling, we would like to wish all of our fans, their family, and friends a very Merry Christmas.

Good evening OCW fans! We, in the offices of OCW, wanted to bring you a new feature at OCWrestling.net called the "Superstar Spotlight" where you have the chance to ask 10 questions of an OCW Talent and maybe find some information you might not know. Today's questions come from Khelsey A. and the Superstar on the hot seat is Levi Connors!

1. Why did you want to get into wrestling? I just always enjoyed wrestling more than anything else. I figured if I could do something I love and make money it wouldn't get better than that.

2. Who's your dream opponent? Hulk Hogan

3. If you could team up with anyone who would it be? Sting

4. What would you be doing if you weren't a wrestler? Actually focusing on college and working towards becoming a physical therapist.

5. What are some of your biggest fears when you step in the ring? Messing up or letting someone down.

6. What advice would you give to people aspiring to become a wrestler? Do your research, get in shape, and have a back-up plan.

7. Do you have any crazy or funny fan encounter stories? Not any that really stand out.

8. If you had the chance to face The Undertaker would you? Of course.

9. Was wrestling your first dream job? I think when I was little I wanted to be a rock star but that faded pretty quickly.

10. Can you describe how awesome it feels to walk out an see people cheering for you and holding posters and stuff? No it's really indescribable. It's an amazing feeling that's for sure.

That will do it for this "Superstar Spotlight" so be sure to check back periodically for future articles as well as all of the other happenings from OCW! Don't forget, OCW returns to action on January 24, 2015 in Dover, OH at the National Guard Armory for "ASCENSION". So make your plans now to come see Levi and all of the other OCW Supertars in Dover on January 24th! Until next time, leave it all in the ring!

A deal has just been finalized by OCW Management that will bring OCW to Dover, Ohio on January 24th, 2015. OCW will start the 2015 calendar year in Tuscarawas County for an event at the Dover National Guard Armory.

If you live in the area, mark the date down because this is your chance to catch one of the best live wrestling events in Ohio, not to mention the Tri-State area.

More info to follow in the coming weeks as it becomes available to us here at the web site.

If you're a football fan and a good majority of those in the BUCKEYE STATE are, the BIG GAME is tomorrow at Noon.

If you are in/around Coshocton, remember tomorrow is Small Business Saturday so why not support those who support OCW???

Go watch the Buckeyes whip the wolverines at the SPORTZONE Restaurant at 119 North 3rd Street Coshocton, OH where you can get the best burgers, tastiest chicken and ribs, and the juiciest steaks in town!

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And just like always, tell them OCW sent you!

OCW has a few partners that help bring our brand of professional wrestling action to many areas around Ohio. In a new feature here on OCWrestling.net, we would like to offer another perk to those companies who support us. One of the companies who has been a long standing partner of OCW is J.D. Byrider of Dover.

J.D. Byrider of Dover maintains an inventory of popular makes and models of cars for sale. They have the knowledge to help you choose from quality used cars that you can afford in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

Whether you need a reliable vehicle to get yourself to/from work, an affordable vehicle for that new driver in your family, or it wouldn't be a bad idea to invest in a vehicle that can handle the wintery conditions Ohio is due to receive in the next few months. So before you go anywhere else, give J.D. Byrider of Dover an opportunity to earn your business. 

J.D. Byrider of Dover is located at: 444 W. Third Street, Dover, OH 44622 or you can reach their sales team at 330-343-4900 and remember to tell them that OCW sent you!