Good evening OCW fans! We, in the offices of OCW, wanted to bring you a new feature at OCWrestling.net called the "Superstar Spotlight" where you have the chance to ask 10 questions of an OCW Talent and maybe find some information you might not know. Today's questions come from Khelsey A. and the Superstar on the hot seat is Levi Connors!

1. Why did you want to get into wrestling? I just always enjoyed wrestling more than anything else. I figured if I could do something I love and make money it wouldn't get better than that.

2. Who's your dream opponent? Hulk Hogan

3. If you could team up with anyone who would it be? Sting

4. What would you be doing if you weren't a wrestler? Actually focusing on college and working towards becoming a physical therapist.

5. What are some of your biggest fears when you step in the ring? Messing up or letting someone down.

6. What advice would you give to people aspiring to become a wrestler? Do your research, get in shape, and have a back-up plan.

7. Do you have any crazy or funny fan encounter stories? Not any that really stand out.

8. If you had the chance to face The Undertaker would you? Of course.

9. Was wrestling your first dream job? I think when I was little I wanted to be a rock star but that faded pretty quickly.

10. Can you describe how awesome it feels to walk out an see people cheering for you and holding posters and stuff? No it's really indescribable. It's an amazing feeling that's for sure.

That will do it for this "Superstar Spotlight" so be sure to check back periodically for future articles as well as all of the other happenings from OCW! Don't forget, OCW returns to action on January 24, 2015 in Dover, OH at the National Guard Armory for "ASCENSION". So make your plans now to come see Levi and all of the other OCW Supertars in Dover on January 24th! Until next time, leave it all in the ring!

A deal has just been finalized by OCW Management that will bring OCW to Dover, Ohio on January 24th, 2015. OCW will start the 2015 calendar year in Tuscarawas County for an event at the Dover National Guard Armory.

If you live in the area, mark the date down because this is your chance to catch one of the best live wrestling events in Ohio, not to mention the Tri-State area.

More info to follow in the coming weeks as it becomes available to us here at the web site.

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Its time for another edition of the OCW Top 10 where we examine the events that occurred at our latest live event and rank the competitors who shook up the landscape of Ohio Championship Wresting. Please remember that this list is not based on wrestling ability and is not to be interpreted as a system for ranking champions or contenders. This list is based entirely on the impacts made by OCW stars at our latest event. This Top 10 list follows the events of "Hopewell Havoc" that took place at Hopewell School in Coshocton, OH on October 18, 2014. It was a spooky and spectacular affair which included a fan costume contest, successful title defenses, and the culmination of both a heated feud and an amazing career as we said goodbye to a man we loved to hate. We will cover it all, and much more, in the "Hopewell Havoc" edition of the OCW Top 10!

HM - "The Pinnacle" Levi Connors

After impressive outings at previous OCW shows "The Pinnacle" made his Coshocton debut as he took on Bruce Grey. Connors had the fans strongly behind him but it wasn't enough to win the match as Grey squeaked out the victory.

HM - Marion Fontaine

"The Handlebar Haberdasher" had not been seen in OCW since April's "Trad1t1on" event. He returned to face OCW newcomer, Ryan Burke. Fontaine did not score the victory but put forth an impressive and entertaining effort.

HM - Flyin' Ryan Burke

Burke was victorious in a very competitive match against Marion Fontaine. After an impressive OCW debut we look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

HM - The Rising (Johnny Attitude & Broderick Shaw w/ Jason Dragon)

We saw a new version of Jason Dragon's group, The Rising, in Coshocton as Broderick Shaw made his OCW debut taking the place of Papa Dingo. Shaw and Johnny Attitude made a very effective team as they took it to the OCW Tag Champs, The Redneck Wrecking Crew. They came up short in their quest for the titles but the sky is the limit for this new tandem. Jason Dragon has assembled an imposing group. Only time will tell how far he can take them.

10. Sherman Tank

We all remember the closing moments of "Risky Business" from September when Tank had appeared to have become the new OCW champion. That call was overturned which pushed Tank over the edge causing him to lash out at OCW officials including ring announcer, John Orlando, and head official, Keith "Papa Smurf" Smith. Tank was fined and reprimanded for his actions and looked for a fresh start at "Hopewell Havoc." However, things did not go Tank's way as he was defeated by Justin Diaz. Sherman Tank is at a crossroads in his career. He has been winless in OCW since January and needs to find a way to get back on track. When Tank is in the right state of mind there aren't many men who can stand in his way. The big man needs to find out how he can get back to that place.

9. "No Shame" Jimmy Shane

The lust that Jimmy Shane held for the Ohio Heritage Championship went unfulfilled when he came up short in his highly anticipated title match with Takahashi. The man without shame appeared to have the match won after connecting with the Shame Breaker but as Shane went for the pinning attempt Taka reversed it into a crucifix pin for the victory. Jimmy Shane's face said it all, his OHC fantasy was over.

8. Dusty Dillinger

If you were at the OCW 11th anniversary show, ''Trad1t1on,'' than you saw what we thought was Dusty Dillinger's last match in OCW. The cowboy shocked everyone by returning to face Robby Starr at ''Hopewell Havoc.'' Dillinger showed no signs of ring rust as he brought the fight to the OCW champion. It appeared to be over when Starr connected with a shot from a foreign object, which was utilized behind the referee's back, and lead to a 3 count. However, the referee spoted the illegal object and restarted the match. Dusty got back on track and went for the finish with a moonsault but Starr moved and then delivered his Starrstruck full-nelsen slam to end the contest. What does the future hold for Dusty Dilinger? Was this a one night only occurrence or is the cowboy back in OCW? Check back for further developments.

7. Justin Diaz

With what could be considered the upset of the evening, we saw Justin Diaz score the victory over a former OCW champion and one of the best big men in the business, Sherman Tank. Diaz is making his presence known in OCW and there is no limit to what this crafty veteran can accomplish.

6. "True Grit" Bruce Grey

Since shedding the referee uniform and joining the active roster Grey continues to evolve as an in-ring competitor. He began as Jack The Seeker #2, then lost the mask to become "Bombastic" Bruce, and at "Hopewell Havoc" we saw a more intense version that matches his newest moniker, "True Grit." A victory over the white hot Levi Connors has made everyone take notice of Bruce Grey. Big things could be on the horizon for the former OCW referee.

5. Joey Vengeance & Juice Jennings, Kaden Assad

Our main event at ''Hopewell Havoc'' was entitled "The Final Conflict" as we saw two of the greatest tandems in OCW history clash for the last time. The Heat Seekers and Jennings & Vengeance have gone to war with each other for years and the tension reached an apex as they crossed paths at nearly every OCW event in 2014. At this point, the OCW Tag Team Championships had become an afterthought as the fighting between the two teams had grown so intense that it allowed the Redneck Wrecking Crew to lay claim to the titles.

Championship gold was the last thing on the minds of these men as they met face to face in the ring. OCW head official, Keith Smith, did what he could to instill order but the match quickly broke down into a brawl. Smith made the decision to allow the contest to continue under "relaxed" rules so the two teams could settle their score once and for all. This was a brutal contest in which ladders and chairs were utilized by both teams. In the end, Vengeance & Jennings forced The Heat Seekers to submit to end this heated rivalry. Assad, Jennings, and Vengeance find themselves ranked at #5 on this OCW top 10. The 4th man in that match will be covered later on.

4. Takahashi

"The Shooter from Sendai" has held the Ohio Heritage Championship since April and made yet another successful title defense against the #1 contender for the OHC, "No Shame" Jimmy Shane. Shane had expressed that the OHC wanted him more than he wanted it but Takahashi proved him wrong with another impressive title defense. Taka showed that he could endure punishment and then capitalize in a split second. Let that be a warning for future challengers. Even when Takahashi appears to be beaten he is still extremely dangerous.

3. Redneck Wrecking Crew (Jeff Cannon & Jock Samson)

Cannon & Samson came to Coshocton to prove that they have the staying power to dominate the OCW Tag Team Division. Their first title defense came in the form of Jason Dragon's brainchild, The Rising. Samson & Cannon worked like a well oiled machine as they functioned as a cohesive unit to score their first tag title defense. RWC showed great athleticism and moved like men half their size as they slowly dismantled the newest incarnation of The Rising. The OCW Tag Title scene is constantly evolving and the Redneck Wrecking Crew is leading the way.

2. Robby "Super" Starr

The OCW champion made another successful title defense at "Hopewell Havoc" against the returning Dusty Dillinger. As in his previous title defenses, Starr worked outside the rules to gain the upper hand and eventually the victory. Robby Starr has held the OCW Championship since April and though he has been backed into numerous corners in his many defenses, he always finds a way to hang on to the title. What villainous and underhanded plans are next for the "Super Starr" and just how low is he willing to sink to stay at the top of OCW?

1. Jeremy "The Butcher" Madrox

"Hopewell Havoc'' was indeed an historic evening as it marked the ending of the 17 year career of Jeremy Madrox. Jeremy was a cornerstone in OCW for most of the company's existence filling numerous roles including manager, commissioner, in-ring competitor, and well respected locker room leader. The main event tag match featured some amazing action including Madrox receiving a powerbomb through 4 chairs!

Madrox stunned the crowd by kicking out but The Heat Seekers would be forced into a double submission to end the match and close the chapter on one of the best teams in OCW history. When the dust had settled and the match had ended the entire OCW locker room surrounded the ring to celebrate the completion of an amazing journey.

From all of us here at Ohio Championship Wrestling we want to thank Jeremy Madrox for the amazing memories and congratulate him on an astonishing and highly entertaining career.

"Flying" Ryan Burke def. Marion Fontaine

 Justin Diaz def. Sherman Tank 

"Bombastic" Bruce Grey def. "The Pinnacle" Levi Connors 

Redneck Wrecking def. Johnny Attitude & Broderick Shaw w/ Jason Dragon to retain the OCW Tag Team Championships

 Takahashi def. "No Shame" Jimmy Shane to retain the Ohio Heritage Championship 

Robby "Super" Starr def. Dusty Dillinger to retain the OCW Heavyweight Championship

 Juice Jennings & Joey Vengeance def. The Heat Seekers

*After the match Jeremy "The Butcher" Madrox officially announced his retirement from in-ring competition. Congratulations on an amazing career, Jeremy, and thanks for the memories!

"Hopewell Havoc" is THIS SATURDAY! Don't forget to dress up for our Fan Costume Contest at intermission!

Categories include:
1. Best/Overall Costume
2. Best Wrestler Costume

*Prizes awarded for the 3 best costumes in each category.

1st place - $25
2nd place - 1 free pass to a future OCW event
3rd place - Autographed poster



OCW Rebranding


Pictured here are the refurbished OCW Tag Team Championship Belts. They are just a small part of the rebranding you have witnessed if you have been to any recent OCW events, checked out OCW on social media, and obviously checked out ocwrestling.net (because you're here now).

With any business you must evolve and OCW is not any different. We continue the task of trying to bring you the very best in professional wrestling action that we can. We are not the WWE, or even IMPACT Wrestling. We don't have multimillion dollar budgets, a full time staff on hand, and a fleet of production/equipment trucks. What we do have is some of the most dedicated individuals who share a love for the professional wrestling industry that is rarely matched anywhere. Are things going to go smooth 100% of the time, no. That's just part of life. There will be growing pains as well. But rest assured, there are talks being had behind the scenes to make OCW even better. This is a win/win for us as well as the fans because it makes OCW events "Must See" events. We want OCW fans at every show and we want you to want to bring all of your friends and family because Our OCW is YOUR OCW!

What else do we have in store for you, the OCW fans? We guess you will have to stay tuned!